Wishing compliments of the season to everyone.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then may this last week close the book on 2020 and we move to a 2021 that is healthy and safe.

As a treat, here’s the latest instalment of the interview

The next part of the interview is now up

In these times, people seem to lack the patience to listen to or watch something for an hour, but often issues are so complicated they require this amount of time to discuss the many issues in detail.

The news likes to distort things with soundbites that are catchy but take everything out of context. This is why so many shout fake news — because the sound bite just isn’t an appropriate representation of what the substance of the piece is.

This is something that news has to grapple with — do they want the clicks, the views or do they want to be accurate?

Ihor Kononenko

Ihor Vitaliiovych Kononenko is active in political, business and charitable endeavors. Read more about him https://www.newsbreak.com/people/ihor-kononenko

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