Ihor Kononenko — On Pets, Books, Sports and Clothes

This is the third part of our interview with Ihor Kononenko. You can read Part 1 and Part 2 here.

Ihor Kononenko has a Rhodesian Ridgeback
Ihor Kononenko has a Rhodesian Ridgeback

You were telling us about your family. Please continue
We have a dog and a cat. They, alas, haven’t make friends yet and chase each other. I was opposed to having a cat but my wife presented me with a fact. She said: you are not at home in the evenings often, so at least it is more fun with a cat … But very quickly the cat became a pet for the whole family.
The cat’s name is Bucks, the dog’s name is Gosha. She is a very rare breed, the Rhodesian Ridgeback (a breed related to hounds). It is also called “lion dog”, quite large, bright red color. The cat lives in the house, where he and the dog are in constant conflict over territory.

I go in for sports all my life. Having become a Parliament Member and stopped doing business, I focused, in addition to politics, on sports projects. Though, I founded the “5th Element” Sports club and the International Tennis Academy before my work in Parliament. And I also developed the courts of “Tennis Arena MTA” near the airport “Kiev”.
I have an idea to build a multisport arena with stands for 2000 spectators. So, we try to constantly develop. More than 600 children go in for tennis in the Tennis Academy. During the daytime, there are significant discounts for payments for children.
I was fond of freestyle wrestling, recently I go in for fitness, now specifically — crossfit is my favourite (performing certain exercises in a minimum time.)
I have little free time, so sometimes I tell my coach: I have to do all exercises during 40 minutes and lose 2–3 kg of weight! He says: is it possible for you not to eat at night? But as I usually come home late, all day I am hungry as I don’t have time or wish to eat, I eat a lot at night … But I train several times a week, so I am okay.

Ihor Kononenko buys book at the Petrovka book market
Ihor Kononenko buys book at the Petrovka book market
Ihor Kononenko buys book at the Petrovka book market

What books do you like to read?
I read several books at once. I love science fiction, good quality detective stories, action-packed books, for example, by Arthur Haley … Now I read Jean-Paul Granger. I buy books myself on Petrovka book-market in Kiev. And, of course, I have a good library at home.

What food do you like to eat?
My wife cooks very well. Over the years, our cuisine has been transformed from classic Ukrainian (borscht, bacon, potatoes, etc.) to experimental, even with oriental dishes. We do not adhere to a diet, but we try to keep ourselves in shape, that’s why there is minimum salt, no bread and butter on the table. I almost never have lunch, I just have no time, because the dinner is hearty: a bowl of salad, a piece of meat or fish, a glass or two of wine … I don’t like strong drinks, but sometimes I have to drink a glass in a good company, where otherwise they consider it an offense.

Who chooses your wardrobe: wife, fashion designer? Or do you choose clothes yourself?
I really don’t like to go shopping, sometimes my wife just drags me there, saying, you have nothing to wear, let’s go! This is if it is necessary to try it on. And often she buys herself, without me. In a word, my wife watches over my wardrobe.

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