Ihor Kononenko — Working on My Mistakes Part I

Ihor Kononenko

Ihor Kononenko, Petro Poroshenko’s presidential campaign was lost. Why has this happened? Why did the thesis “Army, language, faith” turn out to be relevant only for Lviv region, diaspora and Antarctica?
Yes, Ukraine will spend the next five years with the new president. I want to emphasize that for the first time in the history of Ukraine the current president has already congratulated and acknowledged the victory of his opponent. This is a worldwide practice but we have it for the first time. Moreover, all international observers and European leaders stressed that the presidential elections in Ukraine were held without violations. According to their words, Ukraine can even become an example for Europe in this case. I think this is the main achievement of the elections.

And now let’s talk about the results. You’ll agree that a lot has been done over these five years, won’t you? But much of the reforms were unpopular. The same happened in Poland, where the understanding of the need for reforms came years after their implementation. The elections showed that people are dissatisfied with the pace of reforms and changes in the country. There are things that are not directly related to the actions of the president, but the Ukrainians felt that …

… the president is to blame for everything?

Yes, and this applies to tariffs, pension and a number of other reforms, which, unfortunately, have not yet been fully operational. Many people don’t realise that the president is not responsible for tariffs and prices. This is the prerogative of the government. Our undisputed success is decentralization. But, unfortunately, the number of new territorial communities is still insufficient. As the Head of the regional party organization, I travel a lot in the Kiev region. Whichever new community you enter, there is already a different attitude to power, they think differently, they do not have such paternalism that the center owes them everything. They are already doing a number of things themselves and ask for the adoption of some laws, indicate where there is excess bureaucracy. Where the communities have not united, the mood is different. There people think that all power is bad, and if new ones come, no matter who, they will be given everything. After all, many in these elections actually voted more emotionally and rather “against” rather than “for”.

What’s next? They say you will create a pro-European party led by Poroshenko.

This is a subject of discussions within the party. Between the first and second rounds, absolutely unexpectedly, a lot of new people who were previously neutral or even criticized us now are ready to join us. And not just “for Poroshenko”, but on the basis of ideological principles for the strategic vector of the country’s movement. Therefore, we intend to keep this wave. Now our team is working on the mistakes, the election result showed where we have weaknesses. We are preparing for the convention. I can announce a complete reset of our party vertical, proceeding precisely from ideological principles. Today we are, in fact, the only purely ideological party.

Do you need to create a new party now? Isn’t it too late? Parliamentary elections are just around the corner.
Two years ago, negotiations were held to create a united party on the same principles. But they were unsuccessful. Now Petro Poroshenko has announced that we want to unite all pro-European forces. All public figures and organizations, politicians and experts who profess the same principles as we are, are invited to go to the elections together.

Ihor Vitaliiovych Kononenko is active in political, business and charitable endeavors. Read more about him https://www.newsbreak.com/people/ihor-kononenko

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